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That’s the opinion of the experts taking part in Food Manufacture’s free webinar Championing Food Chain Traceability, Trust and Compliance ​on 25 May from 3pm – 4pm GMT.

Speakers and panellists from Tesco, McCormick & Company, Aptean and Wyvern Food Solutions will offer valuable insights about how retailers and suppliers can work together to support supply chain compliance.

Webinar details

Topic: Championing Food Chain Traceability, Trust and Compliance

Sponsor: Aptean

Speakers: Ben Dodridge, head of technical, Tesco Central Europe; Liz Ward, senior director, supplier quality, EMEA, McCormick & Company; Andy Kerridge, food safety and quality consultant at Wyvern Food Solutions; Adrian Reagan, head of professional services delivery at Aptean.

Time: 25 May, 3-4pm BST

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While maintaining 100% traceability across all ingredients and product lines is the ideal, the reality is that complex supply chains with multiple supplier tiers involve an element of trust. How can the whole chain work together to achieve and maintain this, particularly when issues such as the Ukraine conflict create exceptional disruption? And how can major risks from allergens or food fraudsters be minimised? And how can technical, food safety, quality assurance and supply chain managers ensure products continue to comply with the standards their employers are committed to?

Issues have already arisen over substituting sunflower and other food oils in products, but a host of other ingredients are also under pressure.