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This free online event on Wednesday 25 May from 3pm to 4pm GMT will look at some of the tricks and tips to ensure food quality and safety across all products in your supply chain. 

Speakers and panellists from Tesco, McCormick & Company, Aptean and Wyvern Food Solutions will offer valuable insights about how retailers and suppliers can work together to support supply chain compliance. 

Webinar details

Topic: Championing Food Chain Traceability, Trust and Compliance  

Sponsor: Aptean 

Speakers: Ben Dodridge, head of technical, Tesco Central Europe; Liz Ward, senior director, supplier quality, EMEA, McCormick & Company; Andy Kerridge, food safety and quality consultant at Wyvern Food Solutions; Adrian Reagan, head of professional services delivery at Aptean. 

Time: 25 May, 3-4pm BST 

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Although the UK has moved away from lockdowns, the pandemic has not gone away and is still having a powerful influence on the global supply chain.  

This, in tandem with the war in Ukraine and additional geopolitical events is creating sustained disruption in the food chain, with the availability of many raw materials challenged, leading to price inflation and constant substitution.  

Achieving full, verifiable and fool-proof quality assurance systems across the supply chain is tough at the best of times, but how can food and drink manufacturers lead the way in supply chain management in the face of such overwhelming pressures?  

Delegates attending this webinar will hear how skillful and relevant use of digital systems can form part of the answer, while experts across the supply chain will outline how best to integrate them with other strategies and approaches to take the stress out of QA tracking and control.