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Outcomes experienced by companies included closer partnerships with other brands (50%) in order to outsmart the challenges raised by the war, as well as closer internal collaboration between finance, production, and logistics departments within businesses. 

Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr, International head of food industry and retail at ProVeg, said: “It’s clear for all of us to see that the war is having a devastating effect on the lives of many people in Ukraine.” 

“The war has also had a major impact on the plant-based sector, which is facing challenges in terms of ingredient supply, although we know that this will affect the food industry as a whole and not just plant-based companies. It is good to see that companies are joining forces to overcome these challenges.”   

Key findings 

Other key findings from ProVeg’s survey included: 61% thought that the crisis would accelerate the green energy transition; 61% reported higher prices for raw ingredients; and 69% said that it would remain difficult to recruit skilled workers for the sector. A full list can be found in the box bnelow. 

In response to these findings, ProVeg made three recommendations for the Government to help ease the burden of the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

First, it called for the EU to continue to implement the Farm to Fork strategy to support sustainable food production. 

“In light of the impact of the war on the plant-based sector, we believe it is the right time to implement the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy to accelerate the transition towards a more plant-based diet,”​ Jaczniakowska-McGirr added.