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Packd petit pois
Pack’d petit pois

Organic veg range launched by Pack’d  

Smoothie kit and organic frozen fruit firm Pack’d has launched a new organic vegetable range into the freezer aisle. 

Launched as part of the brand’s wider redesign, the full range of frozen fruit and vegetables will now be available in 100% FSC approved fully-recyclable cardboard boxes. PACK’D have also removed 20% of the packaging from their smoothie kit sachets, yet another commitment to being more sustainable. 

New products included: frozen loose leef spinach; peeled and chopped sweet potato; cauliflower rice; and petit pois and sweetcorn.  

Alex Stewart, founder of Pack’d, said: “As the brand has grown, we have built a loyal consumer base for our fruits and smoothies, and adding frozen, organic vegetables to these offerings has always been something we have wanted to do.  

“We are particularly proud to be the first fully organic frozen vegetable range, a shake up for the category, and a great solution for the consumer.” 


UK’s ‘first’ squeezable peanut butter 

Drizzler squeezy peanut butter

Whole Earth has revealed Drizzler, the ‘first and only’ squeezy peanut butter to launch into UK supermarkets. 

Available initially in Waitrose and Tesco, Drizzler will be released in two flavour SKUs: Classic Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter; and Golden Roasted Super Smooth Peanut Butter. 

Bryan Martins, Whole Earth marketing and category Director at Ecotone UK, said: “Drizzler expands peanut butter into new and exciting occasions, from breakfast to snacks and dinner.