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The technology, which collates interlinked data on vital factors, will enable Veracruz to monitor the entire lifecycle of their production process, from sowing seeds and harvesting, to processing and distribution, providing end-to-end traceability for suppliers, retailers and consumers. 

Part of Veratech – the Veracruz Group’s technology company – the system currently records data around consumption, trees, water, batches, and harvests.  

When it opens a €15.3m factory opens next year, Veracruz will start collecting data on the processing of their blanched, matchstick and flour varieties. This data will then be used to improve production, measure impacts and anticipate problems during the production process.

Transparent supply chain

Packaging, transport and distribution will be the next step, with the ultimate goal of making the extensive and complex almond supply chain transparent and traceable to consumers via a simple QR code on product packaging. 

The information will enable Veracruz to measure a series of parameters individually and compare it with different times of the year to speed up its reaction and decision-making process.   

Veracruz founder and chief executive David Carvalho said: “Technology has the power to transform the food sector, and over the next five years we plan to invest over €6m in innovative tech that will enable us to use our resources even more effectively, while drastically reducing waste.  

“Blockchain offers unprecedented new opportunities for smart food traceability, transparency and safety. Specifically in almond growing – where crops are open to uncontrollable variables, such as weather, water scarcity, and pests – it has the potential to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges.