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Driven by engineering manufacturing

ADR Specialists was created to do more than just match people with jobs

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Working in engineering manufacturing, we felt these cutting-edge companies deserved more from their recruitment partners. We launched ADR Specialists as a true independent challenger, to break the mould of traditional recruitment and cut through the noise.

Championing a new breed of recruitment consultancy, where people and knowledge are the key to business growth, we’re proud to say that we make hiring engineering manufacturing teams easy and enjoyable. How are we so sure? Because our partners tell us so. That, and they keep coming back to work with us.

We don’t like to brag, but we know our stuff. Each of our consultants has extensive experience in their respective markets. This knowledge combined with our consultative approach means we’re able to take a holistic view of any project. For us it’s not just about matching people with a job. We take your preferences, culture and technology into consideration so we’re confident that we’re helping our partners build a high-performing team and providing our candidates with a next-level career.

What They’re Saying

Automation Engineer

"I honestly can't stress how incredible by experience has been. Adam spoke to me initially and built a really detailed profile of my abilities/experience and the direction I wanted to go in. He was mindful to make sure at the beginning of every call that I had enough time to talk, letting me know how long he estimated each conversation might take. He immediately seemed to understand the kind of job I would be considering, made me feel very comfortable to talk to him and didn't pester me with any jobs that weren't going to be appropriate. Within four weeks of our first conversation I was being offered my dream job! With all the support from Adam during the interview process, I felt confident and excited as I went through the stages. I have since spoken to a few people who have also dealt with Adam, who have all immediately made comment about how good he is to work with. Two of these people were employer-side, who seemed to be singing his praises just as much as the people who he has helped to find great jobs. It would be really lovely if he could be recognised for the way he works! Thank you."


Shift Controls Engineer

"Adam was an excellent recruitment consultant. Highly rated and would recommend. Professional throughout the recruitment process, and always available if needed."


Multi-skilled Engineer

"From start to finish, Adam was excellent and professional in finding me my next step in my career. I would highly recommend using him for your search as his attention to personal detail is outstanding."


Maintenance Engineer

"Adam is excellent in his approach and efficiency when it comes to recruitment. I was able to source work outside of his area of expertise but I cannot recommend him enough. Honest and quick to reply to any questions within the recruitment process. He knows his field of expertise inside and out. He stands out from other recruiters because he genuinely cares about the work culture that he places his clients in. He provided honest feedback and continued his work with an amazingly positive attitude and that gave me a lot of confidence. If you are in need of a recruiter who can place you into the right job then look no further."


HR Manager

"Another perfect candidate placed by Adam and he is working on others for me. Working with Adam has given me the opportunity to work exclusively with him as there are no issues with any part of the recruitment / selection process."


Engineering Director

"Experience in a potential opportunity with Adam. Although the client (the recruiting company) has been frustrating, Adam had been 100% professional at all times; open, honest, understanding and available to answer questions at all times. Adam has been a credit to his business, and I will have no delay in getting in touch in the future when I have the need for a recruiter or when I am searching for my next opportunity."


HR Manager

"Covid-19 brings with it many challenges for businesses today and I was unsure how successful the recruitment process would be under these conditions. However, I found Adam to be flexible in his approach and he had plenty of ideas to put forward on we could overcome these conditions. A suitable candidate was recruited using Microsoft teams initially for interviews. Adam's style of working was professional throughout and helped to agree a rigorous process. My previous experience of working with Agencies have not been good and I have often had little faith working with them. I would definitely use Adam again for any recruitment needs I have. I would like to add that Adam's knowledge of the automotive sector was excellent."


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